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Over the past 25 years ACTU Building Associates has become known as providing “building you can count on.”


Starting off in residential housing, our firm progressed into subcontracting on commercial projects for many other recognized General Contractors including Rich and Gardener, James and Son, and Mac Construction.


We have also provided general contracting, building and remodeling to Auto Zone, Little Caesars, Onondaga County (Jamesville Beach House), Swiss Chalet and many other customers. On the residential side, we have built and maintained a solid reputation and our portfolio of highly satisfied clients include Jubillee Homes Inc; Home Headquarters, Inc, and Syracuse University Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim.


In addition to a wide range of services listed under our service page, ACTU Building Associates is an approved Energy Star Provider and has been involved in major construction projects that conform to requirements of the American with Disabilities Act.


ACTU Associates Building Services, Inc. has certified minority contractor status with the City of Syracuse, New York, and pending certification with the State of New York. ACTU has also been chosen by Home Headquarters in Syracuse to provide special training to new home owners on the upkeep of their new home


We are headquartered in Syracuse's newly constructed South Side Innovation Center (SSIC) at 2610 South Salina Street, Syracuse, NY. The SSIC provides access to office and meeting room space, fully-equipped training facilities, and other services to emerging businesses. Free and ample parking is available and high speed internet and wi-fi conferencing capability is provided throughout the facility.


We invite you to visit our other pages to learn more about our company, our capabilities, and who we serve.




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